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We teach people how to build and sustain healthy relationships.

Relationship Counseling Tools is an online center committed to give you the resources you need to help achieve and maintain healthy relationships.

We offer a variety of courses covering family relationships, marital relationships, dating relationships, and others. These online couples counseling courses are designed to give you the tools on how to establish and maintain healthy intimate relationships. A healthy intimate relationship is one that enables both partners to feel safe, heard, respected, understood, and cared for by each other. All of our online couples and marriage counseling courses offer exclusive content with real-world applications. Our healthy relationships courses are delivered in an online virtual learning format, so you can easily get access to your therapy materials and content whenever you’d like.

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When Chris was in his sophomore year off college, he and his girlfriend, now wife, unexpectedly got pregnant while they were pursuing degrees at two separate universities, three hours apart. When Chris became a father, he made a commitment to learn how to develop himself into a man his new young family could be proud of. Chris attributes his success and the person he is today to the counselors and spiritual advisors that helped him to successfully conquer his demons, which came in the form of substance using behaviors, self-doubt, shame, and a lack of accountability for his personal choices.
Relationship Counseling Tools


As the divorce rate is around 50% in the U.S., this book is essential in helping thousands of couples save their marriages or relationships. Many couples decide to go to couples or marriage counseling, online or in person, to save their relationship, not realizing that most couples do not enter therapy equipped with the skills needed to succeed in couples counseling because they are unaware of what to expect from the couples counseling process. Finding Your Relationship Fix is essential for helping any couple succeed through the therapy process. This book, besides illustrating the therapy process, will also give you various tools to solve the most common issues that lead to relationship dissatisfaction or divorce.




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How to Guarantee Your Partner Feels Heard


How to Guarantee Your Partner Feels Understood


How to Guarantee Your Partner Feels Loved

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The Ultimate Dating Guide consist of four courses proven to prevent you from falling in love with a partner who has a high potential to cheat on you, someone who is mentally or physically abusive, a person who is likely to have an alcohol or drug problem, or someone who lacks the basic communication skills to ensure you feel loved and cared for by them.

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These healthy relationship courses are designed to teach you how to establish and maintain healthy intimate relationships. A healthy intimate relationship is one that enables both partners to feel safe, heard, understood, and cared for by each other.

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Relationship Counseling Tools



Relationship Counseling Tools


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These blog articles offer quick relationship tips that might help you better mitigate problems with a loved one or family member.

Problems That Develop When Intimate Partners Do Not Feel Cared For—Disregard

What is disregard? Disregard in relationships means that partners lack interest, concern, and sympathy for each other. Imagine making dinner and sitting down to eat with your partner. You eat together while your partner stares at their phone. Or maybe they look at you...

Barriers That Block Intimate Partners From Feeling Cared For—Fear

Fears in relationships can take many forms. Most often, people experience fears of abandonment, intimacy, and loss. Fear becomes a problem when that person does not function well within the relationship or cannot get too close or intimate with their partner. Causes of...

Barriers That Block Intimate Partners From Feeling Cared For—Regret

One of the most common emotions is regret, which stems from looking back on decisions or behaviors and believing that things could have gone better if you made a different choice. When someone experiences regret, it’s likely that disappointment, guilt, self-blame, and...

Barriers That Block Intimate Partners from Feeling Cared For— Resentment

What is resentment? Resentment is often defined as feelings of irritation and anger couples can experience when partners treat each other unfairly. Some partners who are absorbed in resentment may feel annoyance and shame while others may feel an extreme desire for...

Barriers That Block Intimate Partners from Feeling Cared For—Selfishness

Sometimes, you may find yourself in an unfulfilling relationship where you are always giving your all while getting nothing in return. What does psychology say about selfish partners? Selfish partners often suffer from feeling inadequate. These feelings of inadequacy...

Problems That Develop When Intimate Partners Do Not Feel Cared For—Disrespect

Do you feel disrespected in your relationship instead of feeling loved? According to marriage researcher John Gottman, a marriage where partners disrespect each other has succumbed to at least two of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse (criticism and contempt). When...

Problems That Develop When Intimate Partners Do Not Feel Cared For—Disconnection

Do you feel stuck in your relationship? Do you feel unhappy? Do you fight a lot more than usual? All this can cause you to withdraw from your partner. You avoid hugging and kissing. You barely spend any time together. You may be wondering if you are heading for a...

Problems That Develop When Intimate Partners Do Not Feel Cared For—Disappointment

In a perfect world, our relationships would be balanced, fulfilling, and never disappointing, but the reality is, whether a relationship involves our parent, child, friend, or partner, we will experience disappointment at some point. This disappointment will force us...

Barriers That Block Intimate Partners From Feeling Understood—Emotions

  Associating emotions with situations and people can vary widely depending on what we learned in our childhood from our parents. For example, someone who has difficulty expressing their emotions may have been taught to hide them as a child. Nonetheless, in our...

Barriers That Block Intimate Partners From Feeling Understood—Blaming

When it comes to the worst things you can do to put an end to your relationship, blaming your partner for something is almost at the top of the list. First and foremost, blaming your partner is a form of emotional abuse. Second, your partner can start believing that...
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About Chris & Shauntay

Chris is a licensed marriage and family therapist, (LMFT), licensed clinical addiction specialist, (LCAS), certified clinical supervisor (CCS), an approved supervisor for the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT). He’s helped many clients find sustainable and fulfilling relationships with their families or partners over many years.

Shauntay holds a bachelor’s degree in biology and worked as a certified laboratory scientist for ten years prior to joining Chris as a business partner and co-owner. Shauntay is currently pursuing a Master of Arts degree in Marriage and Family Therapy while managing the responsibilities that come with being an entrepreneur, wife, and mother of three active children. When Chris and Shauntay are not working they enjoy spending time with their family, traveling, trying new restaurants, and streaming television shows.