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Chris works with individuals, couples, and families in need of assistance navigating through challenges of life. He believes, as a relationship coach and counselor, it is his job to be a co-pilot that helps guide his clients through the storms of conflict, infidelity, grief, trauma, and life’s transitions such as marriage, divorce, child rearing, job change, and retirement. Chris’s approach to virtual couples therapy and premarital counseling is genuine and real as he values the opportunity to be a part of change that offers peace, insight, and tranquility. In addition to implementing best practice coaching approaches, Chris relies on his life experiences as a successful husband, father, and community leader to assist his clients with establishing their ideal relationships. Previous clients have found that Chris’s friendly demeanor and genuine attitude about relationship challenges and solutions are effective in teaching tools for maintaining fulfilling and successful relationships.


Relationship Coaching

This coaching is designed to help couples improve their overall relationship satisfaction by equipping each partner with the tools they need to repair and improve their relationship. This type of virtual couples therapy and coaching is beneficial for all couples in general, as it provides effective resources for couples and teaches valuable communication skills as well as knowledge about each partner’s needs. This coaching is also beneficial for couples dealing with the following issues:

    • Infidelity/Cheating
    • Heated Arguments
    • Trust and Betrayal
    • Boundary Management
    • Money and Financial Issues
    • Parenting and Blended Family Management
Singles and Dating prospects

Relationship Coaching

This type of coaching is designed for people who have a history of establishing bad or toxic relationships or those who desire to learn how to find their ideal partner. Your coach will help you address the following situations: 

  • Identifying your future relationship needs, wants, and expectations
  • Moving beyond past relationships and finding confidence 
  • Establishing a dating plan
  • Building yourself up after a toxic or draining relationship 
  • Finding your ideal soulmate
  • Managing life transitions

Family Coaching

This type of coaching is essential for giving each member of the family system the necessary space for their voice to be heard. This type of coaching gives successful solutions for challenging family issues. Family coaching sessions are helpful with: 


  • Coping with separations and divorces
  • Creating family rituals and routines
  • Resolving conflict between specific members or subsystems
  • Strengthening family alliances and connections
  • Assisting with decisions that impact the entire family system
  • Processing transitional stages of life (Teenagers progressing toward young adulthood and independence)
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